Tuesday, May 20, 2014

11SecClub - SIT DOWN! - polished

11SecClub - SIT DOWN! - polished from Michal Zabek on Vimeo.

I polished animation what I did on 11 second club January 2014 competition.
Ending and polishing animation took me about 32 hour.
Hope you like it now:)

Any critique are welcome.


  1. Hi, it a lot of work you did, the animation in general is quite good. I think the dialogue is a bit of a challenge, as they talk over each other and the first time I saw it, I missed some of the dude's dialogue, as I was concentrating on the girl and what she was doing. All in all a great animation.

  2. Thanks:) I'm glad to hear you like it.
    My huge mistake was there is no other cameras. In another animation if will be more then one person, I will use couple shots.