Saturday, February 1, 2014


11SecClub from zio_mal on Vimeo.

Animation made for 11 second club January competition.
I started five days before end of the January competition. I wanted to see if I could done animation on good level in that short time, so:

On first day I made the interior of airplane in Maya. Also I make the acting of the scene. I'm not a great actor so it took me long time (about 2-3 hour) to play the scene. Of course I recorded this to get the referance to animation.

On second day I made the simple blocking of the characters.

On third day I focus on stewardess, I made initial animation on blocking, after that I changed keys on spline and polished her animation.

On fourth day I focus on passanger, I did it the same way for animation like stewardess.

In last day I polished some moves in both characters and I did face animation (it's be realy speeding animation, something like 2 hour).

I work on this 5-6 hour per day.
And that's it. Now I know that is not enough time to me to do animation like this in good level in that short time.
So I'm on 80th position in competition on 103 entries after the voting.
However I've hope you like this animation:)

- character animation

- Maya

- custom rig

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