I'm Character animator and rigger. I work on 3dsmax (using sinse 1999) and Maya (using sinse 2011).
Also I can animate on any software, it's only tools.

In Maya I rigging on beginner level without stretchy IK and other creative stuff.

In 3dsmax I can rigging on advanced level. But not on MASTER level:) what I always want.
I prefer create custom rigs because only that make a rig more controlled. You can do everything what you want.
There are no borders, also You can add in every time another controller and other stuff without thinking "what if it doesn't work".
I create rigs with stretchy IK and switching IK/FK and more stuff what helped to create animation more expressive.
Face rigs has a simple and easy control. I prefer bones for a facial rig, what make facial animation more expressive and creative.
Of course I know CAT animation system and I can rebuild some parts of CAT rigs in animation progress.

I know maxscript on more than begginer level.
It's help me in rigging and animation.
I can't create script which works in background for this time.
I still learn maxscript but not at full time. More of time I spend for animation.

Animation is my priority passion.

I don't know words as "I can't do that" or "It's impossible to do that". I sit down and I do it.
That is animation, You can do everything, if not You can't say that You are animator.

I'm not master of animation:) Every project teach me something new and take my skills on higher level.

The value of human witness his deeds not words!

Here is link to my CV:
Michal Zabek - CV

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